Metro UI CSS - A dynamic framework for Windows 8 style

on December 05, 2012
Metro UI CSS is a dynamic framework for prototyping and building web sites with Windows 8 style. The framework is developed in fully accordance with the recommendations of Microsoft that explain how to design applications with style of Windows 8.


Windows8 Metro UI CSS - Tiles
tiles made with Metro UI CSS


preloader w8 cycle black

Windows8 Accordion

Windows8 Button Set

Windows8 Buttons

Windows8 Carousel

Windows8 Checkbox

Windows8 Forms

Windows8 Icons

Windows8 Image Container

Windows8 List Image Fluid

Windows8 List View Fluid

Windows8 List View Iconic

Windows8 List View Image

Windows8 List View

Windows8 Navigation Bar

Windows8 Notices

Windows8 Progress Bars

Windows8 Replies with Sticker

Windows8 Replies

Windows8 Sidebar

Windows8 Sliders

Windows8 Tabs

Metro UI CSS demo


Developed with the advice of Microsoft to build the user interface and include:
  • Global styles
  • Layouts and templates
  • Grid System
  • Responsive design
  • Typograph
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Icons
  • Tiles
  • Menu and Navigation
  • Sidebar
  • Page control
  • Accordion
  • Buttons set
  • Rating
  • Progress bars
  • Carousel
  • List view
  • Slider


Download / Source

Download-Source (Github)

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